Q: “What does ‘Enjoy Food – Guilt Free’ mean regarding Modinfood products?”

A: “Some people on special diets start to beat themselves up as soon as  their cravings take over and they eat something that is off plan. It is very common to get cravings after a while, and not everybody can withstand the temptation of giving in, just for this once. After eating the forbidden items people start feeling guilty and are inclined to give up their diet restrictions entirely. Our low carbohydrate – low calorie products are designed to help people enjoy a sweet baked snack every now and then without derailing their diet right away. In this sense our products can help dieters stay on plan and avoid the guilty feeling that typically follows the indulgence.

Q: “Do Modinfood products fit into my diet?”

A: “Being low carbohydrate AND low calorie has some tremendous advantages fitting into most common diets as a tasty snack without derailing your dieting efforts. The best diet is the one you can stay on for the rest of your life, everything else will provide short term results only!

Some examples are listed below.



Calories In / Calories Out: Simple calorie restriction in your diet. This is the basis of weight loss plans with fitness trackers like Fitbit® for example. Our products cut the calories up to 75% as compared to typical products in the market place. With Modinfood you can get a cake and eat it, too – guilt free. Please see also comment on the bottom of this page.


Medifast®: Mainly a calorie restricted diet targeting mild nutritional ketosis. We think you can introduce our products into this diet. Of course the calories have to be accounted for, but being so low in calories you can enjoy a piece of cake and still stay on plan. Please see also comment on the bottom of this page.


Weight Watchers®: Mostly a calorie restricted diet. We think our very low calorie products can be introduced into this diet without remorse, as long as the calories are counted as Weight Watchers® Points. You might use a Weight Watchers®  Point Converter to derive an approximate Weight Watchers® Point value. Please see also comment on the bottom of this page.


Atkins®: Most commonly referred to as low carb, high fat diet, which targets nutritional ketosis. Our products are extremely low in net-carbs (1 g per 4 oz serving). The sweeteners we use are natural sugar alcohols. Our sweetener blend has a glycemic index that is close to zero (<1), so insulin levels should not be elevated by consuming them. Our products should not interfere with the state of nutritional ketosis you are striving for in this diet. Please see also comment on the bottom of this page.



THE SLOW-CARB DIET®: Getting to the gist of it, the Slow-Carb Diet works mostly as a low glycemic index diet. Our products do not contain any easily digestible carbohydrates. We use only natural sugar alcohols as sweeteners. Our sweetener blend has a glycemic index that is close to zero (<1). Based on these facts our products should not interfere Tim Ferriss’ Slow-Carb diet. Please see also comment on the bottom of this page.


Be prudent! All human beings are unique. Please talk to your diet coach first and introduce our products carefully into your current diet, and stop eating our products if you feel your dieting efforts become compromised. The intention of our products is to help, not hinder you reaching your goals.”


Q: “Can I trust in the quality of your products?”

A:  "Yes! Food safety first! With more than 15 years of background in the food packaging industry, we know how important food safety is. Therefore we carefully pick our partners and only work with companies who have a long standing history in the food industry.


We strive to build a brand you can trust when it comes to food safety. We will constantly check with authorities for legislative changes and adapt our formulations accordingly if necessary. Your safety is our highest concern!”


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