The Modinfood Concept

Low Carbs AND Low Calories at the same time!


Why Low Carb AND Low Calorie?


The low carb story seems pretty straightforward. Cut the carbs to lower your blood sugar, which puts you in ketosis, a state in which the body metabolizes fat instead of glucose. Ketosis is achieved by regulating the hormones, which steer fat either in or out of cells. So all you have got to do is cut the carbs, calories do not matter, right?


Well, unfortunately it is not that easy. Cutting carbs put’s you in ketosis, but that doesn’t mean you burn your body fat. Depending on the amount of calories you take in either fat from food or from your body is burned. Colette Heimowitz explained the importance of calories on a low carb diet in her blog post. More detailed descriptions have been given by Peter Attia, MD in his Eating Academy blogpost “Do calories matter?” and  Michael R. Eates, MD in his blogpost “Low-carb and calories”


Doctor Eates also explains how easy it is to overeat. Everyone gets cravings after a while on a specific diet, because they are reminded that eating is not just satisfying hunger, but sometimes also for fun. This is where people are looking for a nice snack or a treat. On low-carb diets most people like to eat some cheese and some nuts, but this is tricky because of the high calorie density in these foods. Small amounts can already deliver enough calories to stop the body from burning body fat, which might lead to stalling weight loss. This is where our products might be a good remedy.




The Modinfood Concept


At Modinfood we design our products to be low in carbs but also low in calories at the same time. Our Pancake & Waffle Mix for example has only <1 g net-carbs and only 35 kcal serving. This empowers our customers to enjoy a nice waffle or some pancakes for breakfast and still stay on target with their diets. The energy content of carbs and proteins are around 4 kcal/g, fats have around 9 kcal/g. Our products are designed to stay below 2 kcal/g. This is the Modinfood concept, so our customers can enjoy their treats guilt free.