The Modinfood Story

“Today is the day!”



    I don’t remember how many times I have told myself that this was the day to turn my life around and finally start living healthy and getting slim. It’s not that I didn’t try hard. I tried all kinds of diets, among others Weight Watchers®, Medifast®, Atkins®, THE SLOW-CARB DIET® (Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Chef) and I read books and blogs around specific topics on diet and nutrition. I understood how to get into nutritional ketosis (Jimmy Moore, Keto Clarity) and how it works (Ketosis 101 blog, Peter Attia), and how important it is to keep insulin levels down (Gary Taubes Books:Good Calories Bad Calories, and Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It) if you want to shed some pounds of fat. There were some successes along the way, but in the end I always got caught up in the yoyo. Why? 

“Someone needs to develop a baked treat that fits into my diet!”


    Everybody has their domino food, something they start craving during their diets. For me this was cake. Unfortunately there was no cake with nutrition facts fitting into my diet at any given time, so I thought to myself: “This ain’t right, you have a PhD in chemistry for Pete’s sake! Do something!” So I started developing a cake recipe, which is extremely low in digestible carbohydrates, but very high in fiber. Together with my business partner I founded Modinfood early 2016. We continuously strive to provide baking mixes for snacks, which help dieters to stay true to their diets, despite feeding their sweet tooth every now and then. We provide baking mixes that are low in carbs but also low in calories at the same time. Please click here if you want to learn more about why calories matter in a low carb diet and about our Modinfood Concept.